Are you wondering Why your website should be self-hosted?

Why self-hosted?

Why should your website be self-hosted? I look at the differences between free and paid hosting. What is Self-Hosted? If you are completely new you might well ask “what does self-host mean?” and simply put, it means you pay for the space where your website is kept so that it can be seen on the…

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The Nature of Mistakes

Mistakes Make Us Laugh

Is it important to avoid Mistakes? Everyone makes mistakes. Mistakes have consequences, some of which affect only yourself and some affect others. Not all mistakes are ‘Bad’. They can lead to unexpected and exciting conclusions. Think of planning a journey and taking a wrong turn that leads you to a beautiful spot, an event, even…

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The Most Costly Mistake a Beginner Should Avoid

Zilch nada nothing left

I have made a great many mistakes since starting to work online, and this one really is a great embarrassment to me but particularly as a beginner, you need to avoid it. I will tell you about the costliest mistake here. Read on to find out why it happens and what it is… How My…

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An Expensive Mistake a Beginner Can Avoid

Expensive Mistake

As beginner you might think that you need to know a huge amount in order to make money online. It’s true that more knowledge will give you the edge but that knowledge needs to be gained through experience. I learned that simple fact the hard way. I tried to find out every secret and trick…

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WordPress – An easy platform to use

Discovering WordPress. I discovered wordpress when I was searching for a way to work on a website without having to be on my home computer. I needed to be able to add content whenever I thought of something or needed to let my customers know about a new product quickly. The great advantage this gave…

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Following a Method That Brings Results

Having spent some time thinking about this new blog I know that it needs to interest and include you, my reader. This is where I will share the methods that work for making a living online and the first thing to do is to establish who I am and why you can gain from following…

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Why having your own website is a great way to begin working from home

I  always thought the best way to start is to have a website, and I believe that is still true. The website can be about anything you want, but it’s easy to get bogged down trying to make it perfect. You might think you can’t make a website, that it will cost too much to…

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Welcome – My first Post

If you’re reading this you have arrived at the very first post in my new blog. Do you want to know how to begin to work online and earn a real ongoing income from your computer? If that is you – Well done! You have landed in exactly the right place! Read on to find…

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