Using free services to make a website with a short life

What is the point of making a short lived website? There are occasions when you want to make some pages about something that is very short lived. It could be a special offer, an event or something of the sort. For examples of how this can be used to get your message to more people,…

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When are free hosting services useful to my business?

When are free hosting services useful

A free website can be useful to your business But – only in certain circumstances. Used the wrong way you could risk your business and your long-term income. Read on to find out why…

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Are you wondering Why your website should be self-hosted?

Why self-hosted?

Why should your website be self-hosted? I look at the differences between free and paid hosting. What is Self-Hosted? If you are completely new you might well ask “what does self-host mean?” and simply put, it means you pay for the space where your website is kept so that it can be seen on the…

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