How do I find Buyers for my Product?

Identify potential customers

Finding Buyers for my Product

When designing a new product, the  first I question I ask myself  is  ‘How can I find people who want my product?’ It can be very difficult to identify potential customers but a systematic approach can really help.

Whether you want to sell your own product or promote another as an affiliate the problem of finding new buyers is the same.

This is especially important if you are thinking of spending money to reach your prospects. Any form of advertising that fails to reach the people who are likely to buy can be very expensive.

Every marketer needs a positive ROI (Return On Investment) so you need to reach the prospects who are interested in what you have to offer and have the means to purchase.

To find people who are my potential customers I need to find out what they are interested in and where to find them so that I can start to interact them.
By discovering more about them, their problems, and what they want I am then able to provide the best product for their needs.

So what can you do to find Your prospective buyers?

Any product or service has a particular audience and types of customer.
So these are the steps to go through to find your ideal customer.

1: Discover your Audience

It is important to first find your audience. You want to be displaying your product or service to people who are actually interested in buying it.
Who are your customers and who is your ideal client? Try to picture the type of person your ideal customer is.
Ask yourself some questions about the person you visualize.

  • How old?
  • Male?
  • Female?
  • Where do they live?
  • What is their income?
  • Do they own their own home or do the rent?
  • What are their interests, hobbies and lifestyle?
  • Where are they? Do they spend all their time at work? Where do they go to relax?
  • And where do they go to buy similar products/services?

You may have more than one kind of person that fits! You can create more than one of these people, and make them as real as possible so that you can learn how to communicate with them and satisfy their needs and desires.

This is important because different people shop in different ways and in differnt places.
The more you know about you ideal customer the more targeted your promotions will be.
You will not be able, nor need to appeal to every kind of person. This ideal person will determine the route you take to sell your products. There are many ways to get in front of people who buy, and the method you use needs to fit in with how your customers behave.

Find your Eager Shoppers

Target eager shoppers. image:

2. Go to the places where your customers hang out.

You need to find out where they are. Facebook is a good place to start with audience insights, but depending on your market, you might find that you audience is more active in LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter or any number of other networks.

  • What social networks do they use?
  • Do they belong to any special forums?
  • Are there specialist magazines in our subject?

What is the value of Audience Research?

Knowing all this about your prospects will allow you to focus your promotions and achieve the best return on your time and money.

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Once you have any paying customers the follow-up experience is vitally important. Your current customers are a gateway to more. Their recommendations and praise is super-valuable.

This may seem daunting and some part nigh on impossible to do, but it is well-worth doing in advance of putting a lot of effort into a blog or product development or spending money on advertising of any kind.

What if you knew absolutely EVERYTHING about the customers you were trying to reach….?

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