Hi, I’m Julie Ashti, working on my laptop.

Julie AshtiI work from where-ever I happen to be, and if you are wanting to do the same you can discover how to get there with me.

These are the areas I explore:

  • The quickest ways of setting up websites that earn
  • Gaining the trust and respect of visitors to those websites
  • Reviewing the products that will help with your online goals

There is so much information, software, so many systems to follow and advice out there so how do you discover what you really need?

I have been studying methods of making a living online for several years and I know it’s easy to become stuck in the learning process and never make a start.

How can I help you progress and succeed in an online business?

The information I give helps with:

  • Finding the tools that make tasks easier and quicker
  • Advice and Tips to help you get up to speed
  • Showing the pitfalls that can damage your business and how to avoid them
  • Avoiding spending all your money on products you do not need

and more…

I believe that the people who need to earn online the most are the the ones most likely to run around in circles. Desperation and worry cloud their judgement and get in the way – and valuable time is wasted on pursuing quick fixes that do not work.

In order to succeed online at any level, a person or business must deliver value, and people need to know about the products and services offered – The foundations have to be laid.

Instead of floundering around searching for that magic bullett, buying into every new promise you come accross…

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The best thing about this? I’ll bring you only the best information, discarding the superflous extras, the waffling half-truths and flashy toys.

Just because I have waded through all that myself in my long journey and know how damaging that can be.

This blog is where I will introduce you to Proven Systems, Tools and Further Reading

About Julie Ashti

Hi from Julie AshtiI started trying to make a living online when I lost my job and moved out of London. I had run a small craft shop in London and knew that ‘feet through the door’ was a vital ingredient for any business to succeed. Although I had the skills and knowledge to run my own business I knew I would not get enough customers to make it viable. In rural areas there are simply not enough people!

I had to bring in customers from further afield, and that meant the internet.

As a complete newbie to the medium, I made many mistakes and fell victim to very many scams and sub-standard products. I tried things that didn’t work. I became the architypal sufferer from ‘shiney object syndrome’. I spent a fortune, fell into debt, dug deeper and deeper into my now empty pockets and became scared and depressed.

I would buy the next thing and often, before even looking at it properly, I was seduced by the next one – each time looking for a quick solution – I was so worried about money and wanted that magic formula.

The hard drive on my computer was clogged with courses, software, graphics and videos. My inbox was clogged with hundreds of marketing emails a day.

I couldn’t think straight.

One day my credit card was full, bank account empty. It had to end. I stepped back and took stock, I started to examine the things I had bought – some I had even bought twice!

“What a fool”, I thought. I realised I had learned something from all this – there was very good information among the dross, there was software that worked – I had so much already if only I would USE it!

It was Spring. The sun came out. The birds were looking for places to make a nest – they had such purpose.

I took a deep breath. It was time to FOCUS and make a START.

This blog shows the first part of that process and more.

I intend to share the path that finally led me to freedom in my work and a succesful life.

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