How building an email list can save you if your retirement plan is rubbish

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Does your retirement plan Suck? Building an email list can rescue you from penury in later years or, better still, bring your retirement date forward to an earlier date.

Even if you are of the younger generation this can help you be free of a ‘day job’ sooner than you might think.

How so? I’m glad you asked…

I have been self-employed since a very young age and for a long time I never thought about retirement. It was such a long way off, and it never crossed my mind that I could arrange things so that I could ‘retire’ early. Besides, retirement sounded like sitting around not doing anything.  That didn’t appeal to me at all – kiss of death!

I wanted to DO things. GO places and ENJOY my friends and family.

I didn’t realise that ‘retirement’ from conventional jobs could provide those things.

By the time I the penny dropped and I knew I had to put something in place my options were fewer and I had less time to build a decent fund. Not only that, the financial markets were so bad that whatever I had saved would only provide a pitiful ‘pocket money’ income. Annuities were out the window and I would be running out of money to live long before I had any intention of popping my clogs.

I needed to find another source of steady dosh that would last ’til I was ready to quit this mortal coil.

My Solution:

Here’s the good news: I did! And I’m about to tell you what it is.

It’s having an email list and, importantly, knowing how to use it!
No wait! Don’t GRO-O-A-N.
You can do it!

I know, building an email list seems hard and you think it has to be enormous, but neither of those statements is true if you go about it the right way.

You have to give people something that makes it worth their while being on your list.
Something they don’t have to pay for that gives them value.
Yes, something for free!
And you must continue to give them value so that they stay on your list.

That value can be any kind of value whether monetary or not.

Think about what you value in your life. The things that make you feel good, the things you want and the things you need.

Whatever your area of interest (your niche in IM* speak), there is something you can offer, and if you want something that is not reliant on the big search engines staying friends with you, or that needs a huge effort in bulding up a massive website, you need to build a list.

I would say that it should be started before you do anything else!

The people on your list need to be treated well so that they enjoy getting your emails and trust your recommendations.

* Internet Marketing

That’s it really. All you need now is the ‘HOW’ and the ‘WHAT’.


You should now be asking yourself:
How do I set about building my list and what will I promote?

I’ll be talking about that in my next post so stay tuned.

Question: Do you have a mailing list? Did you find it hard to get people to join your list?

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Julie Ashti

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  • Bob Caine

    Reply Reply September 29, 2015

    Hi Julie,

    Never thought about my list in terms of retirement. Definitely a post that should make people think and hopefully act.


    • Julie Ashti

      Reply Reply October 27, 2015

      Hello Bob, Thank you so much for commenting – I’m glad you think it’ll make people think.

      I look at it myself from time to time to remind myself to keep it up! In fact your response has given me another reminder.
      It’s good if it helps others out there with the ‘not-so-retired’ status too.

  • Greg Noland

    Reply Reply March 20, 2016

    Hi Julie

    Thanks for this post. That is a very great way to explain the importance of our lists. Don’t think there are many people who wouldn’t look forward to retirement much more if they knew they had a very responsive list which worked like an ATM as I’ve heard successful marketers comment before.

    Look forward to your next posts,


    • Julie Ashti

      Reply Reply March 20, 2016

      Thanks for you comment Greg, and glad you liked the angle.

      I wanted to emphasise the benefits in the long term without sounding gloomy. I know that in the current financial situation many will be retiring on less than they anticipated and need more control over their income.

  • Chrissie

    Reply Reply March 24, 2016

    Great article, Julie.

    I’m nearing retirement and you’ve given me “food for thought”.

  • Doug Parker

    Reply Reply October 3, 2016

    Just wanted to say thanks for your article on retirement. I too am in need of retirement. I am working everyday, and am getting along in years, most have retired by now. I am looking to make this my golden nest egg. Has not worked out so well in the past, but try try again.

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