The Art of Headlines: A collection of Winners

The Art of Headlines
  • When writing for your blog, creating an advertising campaign or even crafting a tweet, writing the headline can hold you up. These experts can release you.

I am often stumped at this point and that’s when I turn to the experts – so can you… and these experts show you how to write an effective headline.

I have gathered a collection of articles about the art of writing headlines to guide you and get you on track to create a winning title or headline every time.

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Although some of the advice in these articles is for specific circumstances or projects the purpose remains the same – to get the reader to engage and ideally, to continue to the next step.

A Collection of Example Headlines & Advice:

This articles lists the formulas with a description of usage – fill in the Blanks or substitute your keywords:
Headline formulas for Tweets Posts and Emails

This article takes you through the process of creating headlines and is applicable in any niche:
How to create magnetic headlines for the travel industry

How to Create Magnetic Headlines for the Travel Industry

This talks about components to keep in mind and shares 30 different headline tips.
The Best headline writing and title optimization tips of all time

Step by step from Wikihow. For Advertisements and more…
Write Effective Headlines

A study of the role of headlines in your content with advice for an all round approach and the steps to take in the process:
How to write headlines that convert. Study and analysis

This article opens with ‘A picture may paint a thousand words, but the words in your headline can be more important than any image you have in your article.’ It goes on to show you how to go about crafting your headline:
How to write Blog headlines that work

These Articles Will Help You Learn:

  • What makes great headlines and why
  • Things you can do right now to improve your headlines
  • Headline writing tactics that might not have occurred to you
  • How to write great ‘News’ headlines
  • How to write great ‘Review’ headlines
  • How to write great ‘How To’ headlines
  • How to write great ‘List’ headlines
  • Words you can use to get your headlines clicked
  • How to pull a psychological triggers

The more you learn the easier it will be to check if your headline will really work.

I return to these guides time and time again and I hope you find this resource useful.
Do you have any to add? Let me know in the comments!

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