An Expensive Mistake a Beginner Can Avoid

Expensive Mistake

As beginner you might think that you need to know a huge amount in order to make money online. It’s true that more knowledge will give you the edge but that knowledge needs to be gained through experience.

I learned that simple fact the hard way. I tried to find out every secret and trick before I even knew what I wanted to sell. And to make money, you have to sell something. Even with a waged job, you are selling your time.

Are you tempted by a promise to make money fast? Do you think there are short-cuts? Do you think you can make a fortune out of nothing?

Don’t kid yourself. Whatever route you take, there will be work involved. There may be some things that can make a pot of money in a short time, but they won’t last, and it won’t be long before you are looking for something else.

Avoid Losing Money

Far better to start a real business that you can build on and can continue to make you money going forward.

You should avoid buying every new book, every ‘useful tool’ and every shiny thing that is presented to you. You can’t use them all and not everything is suitable for all businesses.

I was buying things to get traffic to my websites before I even had a website or even a clear idea of what kind of website I would be building.

I was buying courses about getting my non-existant websites good rankings in the search engines.

I thought I needed to know everything before I started to make a website. Indeed, there is value in learning the overall workings of building a presence on the internet, and what needs to be in place.

You don’t need everything at once

But you can learn it as you go – you really can, because by taking the first steps the questions arise and that’s when you seek the answers. The big picture will reveal itself.

When you buy too much too quickly you easily lose track of what you have done, what you have bought – chaos reigns. There is simply too much going on in a chaotic mind and focus becomes impossible.

I made this mistake and it cost me dear.

I should have been using what I already had. I should have stuck to buying just what I needed, when I needed it.

Apart from anything else, there isn’t time to do everything and you can always get things later on as you need them. They’ll still be available whatever they said in the blurb. It might even be the next bigger and better version by then!

And you know what? If the thing you wanted so badly is not available in a year’s time – it likely as not is no longer supported or out of date. Worse still – the seller may have disappeared.

Buying Too MuchAvoid Dwindling funds

I could say that buying too much stuff is the worst mistake. It’s not the absolute worst although I have certainly done that and it has taken me almost to ruin financially.

If you are in danger of falling into this trap or have already done so you must form a plan of action.
You may have some awesome products or tools already, but they are useless if you are not using them.

Stick with me to learn the overall workings of building a presence online – You may already have more assets than you think…

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What are your thoughts on buying products in the internet marketing world? Have you been able to make use of them? Add your views below.

Are you suffering from ‘Information Overload’? What questions remain with all the information you have already?

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