Why having your own website is a great way to begin working from home

beginning to work from homeI  always thought the best way to start is to have a website, and I believe that is still true.
The website can be about anything you want, but it’s easy to get bogged down trying to make it perfect.

You might think you can’t make a website, that it will cost too much to have it made or that it would take far too long to learn to do it yourself. That part is much easier now…

Like many people out there, I wanted to make my living from home – mainly because I was no longer able to get work locally. Now it’s also so that I can choose the time to work, and how much to do in a day.

Do you want to free yourself of the restrictions of 9 -5? – to have the freedom to work on your own terms?
I do, and to help you do the same is my aim.

You can begin with a blog, but why do that?

Your business needs an identity, something that people can relate to and trust.

A blog is an ideal way to make that connection.

When a potential customer lands on a website, they want to know they are dealing with a real business or person that will deliver the goods and address any problems they may have. Well-known companies have that trust just because they ARE well-known and have a reputation to look after.

By starting a blog for your business you can build the relationship of trust first. You can help people to know who you are so that they feel comfortable recommending you even if they don’t buy from you themselves!

In the craft shop where I worked people would often come in to ask for advice, how to do things and what to use. They weren’t necessarily there to buy, but if they knew someone who needed something for a craft, they would tell them to come to us! Why should it be any different online?

Way back when I was starting out online I did try to make a website about crafts – that was where my experience lay – but I didn’t know what I was doing and it was taking forever to learn, to work out how to do it. Having moved away from London I no longer had a physical shop and wanted to sell online.

How would anyone know about it unless they were already on my mailing list? I didn’t even have a list. My previous customers in London were not on any list. They just dropped in when they needed something. I had never thought to take email addresses. Anyway, no-one was in the habit of giving out that information then.

Everything has changed since those days. A great many people are used to buying online, entering their email as part of the process and looking for information through search engines.

I should have started with a blog.

Start by building trust

You must recognise and know that you don’t succeed without first putting something in, and a simple blog takes out the hard graft of making a website, and can have a system in place to grow and expand and earn some money from your efforts.

A blog is the ideal foundation on which to build an online business.
You can start in just the same way. The important thing is to make that start.

I will be talking about how I went about making that start and what you can do that is easy and quick to set up.

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