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follow every stepHaving spent some time thinking about this new blog I know that it needs to interest and include you, my reader.

This is where I will share the methods that work for making a living online and the first thing to do is to establish who I am and why you can gain from following my progress.

You can follow every step as I build a business from scratch starting with a blog. The aim is to build a business that I can run from a laptop – Wherever I may find myself!

Why start with a blog?

The first reason is Rapport. I have learned that a website that shows people who you are, and that you are a real person, is the best way to build the kind of trust and rapport that exists in a real local shop or store. Of course, it’s not exactly the same as a chat with a customer face to face but you can emulate the trust that familiarity brings by sharing useful information, personal anecdotes and funny experiences. People can get to know you.

Secondly, it’s easy to do. A simple Blog can be started right away. You need content before adding anything else. It will take quite a bit of content before the site has any substance at all, so everything more technical can be added as you go along.

That content must have some value; give something to the reader – even if only the pleasure of seeing something develop. Of course I hope to give more…

That’s what I shall be doing over the coming weeks. I shall share knowledge and experience that can help speed things up and the things that can get in the way. There’s always something that proves a bit of a hurdle.

Sometimes it’s just good to talk about the feelings we have, the productive days and the days that just end in confusion. We all suffer from those, and sometimes it’s a whole period of time where life just gets in the way.

By following the process as I build you’ll see all that. You’ll know when it’s ground to a halt and when I pull it together. By humanising the whole process, perhaps you will be encouraged to have a shot at it yourself.

I have put off using my personal domain name for any project for so long now, mainly because I would complete an idea or an element without any idea how to follow through. I got stuck.

And do you know, a big part of that was feeling shy! I didn’t want people to see any weaknesses, laugh at me or pull me up for getting things wrong.

I forgot that everyone loves to be dealing with someone real – whatever their shortcomings, and let’s face it, there are plenty of people out there who won’t like me – just like real life. Something about me will irritate them. They don’t like the look on my face, who knows? Presumably they’ll just go away.

I’ll try not to mind.

I invite you now to jump on my ‘train’ and follow me as I start this journey. You can always get off – there will be plenty of stations. In fact every email is a station with the opportunity to unsubscribe so come on, give it a go!

Oh, and do comment below if the fancy takes you.

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Julie Ashti

Julie Ashti explores working from home and finds products and tools that help with Marketing on the internet. I work from where-ever I happen to be, and if you are wanting to do the same you can discover how to get there with me.

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