A Way To Start An Online Business

make me jump for joy

The difficulties of starting an online business and the benefits of partnerships Don’t you wish you could say “My Business makes me jump for joy!” every day? There are many ways of starting a business online and it can be very hard to generate income to begin with, but there is a method that can…

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How building an email list can save you if your retirement plan is rubbish

list building bucket

Does your retirement plan Suck? Building an email list can rescue you from penury in later years or, better still, bring your retirement date forward to an earlier date. Even if you are of the younger generation this can help you be free of a ‘day job’ sooner than you might think. How so? I’m…

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Purple sprouting broccoli planting was underway when I got the dreaded email!

Preparing the ground

I was happily planting out that delicious and delicate vegetable.  The sun was shining and the soil prepared, plenty of horse manure and the plants sturdy in their seedpots.. My husband was preparing to put some netting over the tiny plants. Last year the poor little things were eaten up in days and that was…

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Using free services to make a website with a short life

When to make a website with a short life

What is the point of making a short lived website? There are occasions when you want to make some pages about something that is very short lived. It could be a special offer, an event or something of the sort. For examples of how this can be used to get your message to more people,…

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When are free hosting services useful to my business?

When are free hosting services useful

A free website can be useful to your business But – only in certain circumstances. Used the wrong way you could risk your business and your long-term income. Read on to find out why…

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Are you wondering Why your website should be self-hosted?

Why self-hosted?

Why should your website be self-hosted? I look at the differences between free and paid hosting. What is Self-Hosted? If you are completely new you might well ask “what does self-host mean?” and simply put, it means you pay for the space where your website is kept so that it can be seen on the…

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The Most Costly Mistake a Beginner Should Avoid

I have made a great many mistakes since starting to work online, and this one really is a great embarrassment to me but particularly as a beginner, you need to avoid it. I will tell you about the costliest mistake here. Read on to find out why it happens and what it is… How My…

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An Expensive Mistake a Beginner Can Avoid

As beginner you might think that you need to know a huge amount in order to make money online. It’s true that more knowledge will give you the edge but that knowledge needs to be gained through experience. I learned that simple fact the hard way. I tried to find out every secret and trick…

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The Nature of Mistakes

Is it important to avoid Mistakes? Everyone makes mistakes. Mistakes have consequences, some of which affect only yourself and some affect others. Not all mistakes are ‘Bad’. They can lead to unexpected and exciting conclusions. Think of planning a journey and taking a wrong turn that leads you to a beautiful spot, an event, even…

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WordPress – An easy platform to use

Discovering WordPress. I discovered wordpress when I was searching for a way to work on a website without having to be on my home computer. I needed to be able to add content whenever I thought of something or needed to let my customers know about a new product quickly. The great advantage this gave…

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