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The difficulties of starting an online business and the benefits of partnerships

Don’t you wish you could say “My Business makes me jump for joy!” every day?

There are many ways of starting a business online and it can be very hard to generate income to begin with, but there is a method that can get you earning quickly and learn a great deal in the process – without costing an arm and a leg.

Any real business has start-up costs, whether online or on the high street. I had a successful business selling materials for crafts for several years and I had to buy a lease, pay ongoing rent and other ongoing overheads. Although I started very small I reached a stage where I employed people and had to pay my staff! That’s reality. You do have to put something in to get anything out.

When I left the big city and moved to a rural area there was no way I could start another craft business – I had to go online. But what a learning curve!  I needed to have an income, but what were the chances of success in this new (for me) area?
I have been learning ever since and there’s a lot one can learn – I needed to find something that would bring in the cash while I did so.

I needed some success – Don’t we all?

If I could find a way perhaps it would fund my ‘learning time’ and what if it turned out to be the only business I need! That can happen too…

One way to greatly increase the chances of success is to buy into a ready-made business or partnering with an an established business.

There are plenty of examples of this model offline. In the restaurant Market think of McDonalds, StPartnerships Work Wellarbucks, KFC.
These are examples of ready made businesses that you can buy into and be trained to a very high standard to ensure a good success rate. These businesses Want you to succeed, they share in your profits and their Brand is at stake. The Parent company depends on the success of their partners.

This kind of Partnership or Franchise exists in many different areas of business such as shops selling shoes, outdoor gear, personal care and health products. Many service industries also use this model such as the vehicle and construction industries. People can build a long-term sustainable business by partnering with the big players.

Why an Online Business

There are all sorts of reasons why you might want to have an online business, not everyone can come up with the funds needed for an offline business or have the physical energy, time or know-how for that route.

Start up costs are much lower for businesses online. You don’t need premises, and the cost of joining in partnership with an online entrpreneur is very much less than it is for a branded offline business.
If you do have some money – but you don’t have the huge 5-6 ($10,000 and up) figure assets needed for an offline Franchise business you can try an online partnership program.

Things that hold you back

Making money on the internet can be really difficult, even for fairly experienced marketers, but especially for beginners.

Have you been struggling through endless courses, reading e-books and buying into get-rich-quick schemes – trying to find a way?
Have you found, like me, that you can learn a great deal from some of the material, but that everything takes an age to set up or only gives short-term results?
Have you begun to wonder if you’ll ever make ANY money – let alone a sustainable income?
There is so much to learn and it takes a long time to learn the whole structure of a successful business online. I know, I’ve been there – and I Still have some half-baked projects hanging over me…

A solution to Starting an Online Business

There is a way that enables you to earn an income while building your own business and that is by partnering with a successful Internet Business Owner.

Many of the most successful and respected internet Marketers are providing a means to join in a partnership with them, providing you with a ready-made business and training you in that business.

What you get out of a partnership depends on the type business, and the deal they are offering.

Why do they want to partner with you – what do they gain?
It can be Any or All of the following:

  • More Brand recognition
  • More exposure for their products
  • More business in general
  • More business for their ‘High End’ products

This model is not a get-rich-quick scheme, although some can start getting results very fast. Partnering invariably costs more than your $7 course with countless upsells. However, keep your eye on those upsells – that is where some of these opportunities are hiding!

What do you get out of a partnership with a ready made business?

Every is thing set up, ready to go and already working for other people. A COMPLETE  turn-key business.

All you have to do is a bit of customising – and sometimes that is only a matter of editing some links!

Types of Online Business offers

The Business in a Box model. These are usually only open periodically and for a short time, sometimes at yearly intervals. Others are One-Off opportunities.

Example of One-Off opportunity

Ready Made Business
Repwarn Reseller Special: Lower Price open for the month of May ending on
31st May 2017. If it is still open when you see this you can access it here.

This is a complete SAAS Business (Software as a service). The business sells an extremely useful piece of SAAS software that allows businesses to both protect their brand and find new leads for their business. The Repwarn Reseller Opportunity is for a complete ready-to-go business with a Recurring Monthly Income.

CLICK Here for the Reseller Opportunity

The SAAS software
If you are interested in the Repwarn software for your own business, you can learn about it and get one week FREE TRIAL

Watch the Webinar Here

You will be amazed at what this software can do. Use it to generate more finely targeted leads for your current business and to monitor what people are saying about your business. You can jump on any concerns immediately, saving your reputation and turning those customer opinions around. Click Here to learn more about Repwarn.

Ongoing Partnership Opportunities

These are offers that remain open and can be joined at any time. They sometimes offer extra bonuses when they are launching an upgrade or a component of the business.

Examples of Ongoing opportunities

Affiliate Partnership

This is where you can partner with an evergreen product owner and you are provided with everything you need in order to promote the product. You split the takings with the product owner. This model can be lucrative when partnering with business that gives a commission on High End (High Ticket) products.

Here is an example where the business opportunity is presented to you After you have learned how to get commissions! The upsells are there, and you have the choice of taking the opportunity at any time when you are ready – or not.

Discover the secret of Big Commissions – Click Here

Promoting your Business

Whatever Type of business you have, you need to promote the products.  This means you need to know how to get traffic – people looking at the product. Even with partnering you do need to learn how to do this.
This Free video Mastermind will give you a very good grounding. Sarah teaches several methods of driving traffic (sending people) to your offers.

Click Here to watch the Traffic Training Mastermind

Remember, If you want to build your own business – these partnerships can bring the money in while you continue to work on your primary business, and if you need help with that there is also the…

Hybrid Partnership Model

The hybrid model is where you learn to build your own business from the ground up and your coach will partner with you in promoting your business.

An excellent example of this is John Thornhill’s Partnership to success Program.

Click Here for his special invite only online workshop

John teaches you how to:

  • Create your own products
  • Build your own online business
  • Boost your reputation and online presence
  • Partner Quality Affiliates

You should be aware that some links in this article are affliate links and I may recieve compensation for sending you there. This makes no difference to the price paid if you do buy and, as always, Be careful what you buy! Please do your own research before buying anything.

Links in this article  – they open in a new window, so you won’t get lost!:
Reputation and Lead Software For You
Big Commissions Training
Traffic Training Mastermind
John Thornhill’s Partnership to success

If you have joined a partnership program, it would be useful to know about them and any successes – or disappointments you have had. Other readers may benefit from your insights as well as me!









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Julie Ashti

Julie Ashti explores working from home and finds products and tools that help with Marketing on the internet. I work from where-ever I happen to be, and if you are wanting to do the same you can discover how to get there with me.


  • Roy Miller

    Reply Reply October 4, 2015

    Julie, are you having any success with Repwarn? I have seen many people talk about John Thornhill’s Parnership to success on blogs, but they are just comments from people that are just getting started. There doesn’t seem to be anyone commenting on anything but starting. Do you know anyone having success with these products?

    • Julie Ashti

      Reply Reply October 27, 2015

      Thank you for your question Roy,
      The truth is although I have experimented with some alerts and found interesting things I might otherwise have overlooked – I have not dedicated the time to set up the Repwarn account properly – yes, daft I know – but I am not in a position yet to report success or benefits to gained.
      I think you need to be creative with the alerts you set up and they work well for people with a specific problem that they are able to solve with their product – especially for local businesses. I think something like: My dog needs regular grooming – and the business is a dog grooming parlour – add variations and get leads for the business or find group and/or page targeting for FB adverts. The alerts would have to be set up for the local area too.
      As for the reputation part – do people name names when they have a bad experience from a small business? – I doubt that happens much and is perhaps more relevant for large companies…. Like the examples used in the sales copy.

    • Julie Ashti

      Reply Reply October 27, 2015

      I forgot to mention John Thornhill’s Parnership to success.
      Yes, people do have success with John’s program. I belong to the facebook group, and can confirm that those that follow through with the course and stick to his methods while excercising the integrity he suggests do make good products that sell. As long as the products meet his strict criteria for quality and value, John helps to promote them too. Sales of the products can be verified in the payment processing platform.
      He has updated the program and you can learn more here:

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